Tech Support For Your Health by Faith Christensen, ND

Tech Support for Your Health

In today’s fast paced world its hard to make time for your own health care. The apps discussed below are all great ways to make your tablet, ipad and smart phone work for you. We are not affiliated with any company who produces these Apps nor do we receive any financial support from these companies.  Each month we will be filtering through the huge offering of Health and Fitness Apps to offer support for your health and wellness goals.


  • Hatha Yoga by Bendyware: Great for those who love yoga and want to change up the routine. Customization of  various breathing exercises, poses and meditations will never leave you bored with the same routine.
  • Authentic Yoga by Deepak Chopra: Straightforward routines for any level ranging from 5-15 minutes. Good starting point for those just starting out describing the benefits and history of yoga.


  • BodyWise: Keep tabs on health factors you are wanting to focus on such as caffeine and sugar intake, body mass index, water intake, level of happiness and productivity, exercise, sleep and activity level. App graphs your improvement over time. It takes a bit of time to enter goals for the first time but then its easy to keep track of the data over time.

Menstrual Period Trackers

  • Both of these give you lots of options to track your cycle and all the interesting things hormones can do to your body such as monitoring cravings, mood, libido and physical changes.
    • My Period Tracker
    • Pink Pad Period Tracker


  • ShopNOGMO:  great resource when shopping, eating out and overall educational on common sources of GMO, what it is and health risks associated with GMO.
  • NxtNutrio: Scan barcodes at the store to identify product ingredients, harmful ingredients, food allergens and GMO’s.  Create your own profile to scan for ingredients that you are avoiding in your diet. Also healthier options are given for each item scanned.  Categories of foods are also programmed into the App if you aren’t wanting to use the scan option.  Perfect for those with adverse food reactions to identify hidden sources.

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