Thrive During Cold and Flu Season with Dr. Faith’s Book

For centuries, people have turned to herbs and home remedies to cope with cold and flu symptoms.  Dr. Christensen merges historical wisdom with contemporary science to illustrate how effectively you can support your immune system before, during and after an illness. Comprehensive and easy-to-use, Surviving Cold and Flu Season Naturally explains the importance of identifying immune suppressive activities, balancing hormones, increasing immune supportive nutrients, and selecting herbs to match your body’s specific needs.

A Complete Immune Health-Care Resource, Surviving Cold and Flu Season Naturally discusses:

  • Over 40 immune supportive recipes
  • Viral vs. bacterial infections
  • Top 10 immune suppressive activities
  • Appropriate use of antibiotics
  • Specific strategies to speed recovery
  • When to call your physician
  • Specific strategies for infants and children
  • Hydrotherapy, nasal irrigation and garlic feet
  • Post-illness herbs to prevent relapse
  • Immune stimulating vs. immune supportive herbs
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“I love, love, love your book! Being a mother of 5 kids the book owns a spot on my kitchen counter. I use it to reference herbs and there functions and to whip up a quick blasted cough syrup, onion syrup or an immune tea recipe. Laughter abounds and noses turn when Mom prepares the garlic feet or mustard pack. The kids enjoy and are curious about the concoctions and amazed that God gave us all these wonderful foods, plants and herbs to heal and restore our body.” A.Y. Colorado Springs, CO

“As a mother, I am always looking for information to help my family. Dr Faith’s book has been an invaluable resource in preventing and treating colds and flu like symptoms for my family. I highly recommend it.” B.C. Seattle, Wa

“I have been selling this book in my office for the last few months and at this price, people are buying 5 to 10 at a time.  It has become a trusted resource for their families and friends especially with the concerns this flu season.” J.L. Colorado Springs, CO

“This book is really empowering for our family. Learning about how the immune system works and practical things we can do to stay healthy has been really helpful. The recipes are delicious too!” G.H Colorado Springs, CO

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