Dr Karly Powell to Join Springs Natural Medicine

Karly Powell,ND Colorado Springs Naturopath
Karly Powell,ND
Colorado Springs Naturopath

We are excited to welcome Dr Karly Powell to Springs Natural Medicine!

Dr. Karly Powell is a registered naturopathic doctor offering care for the whole family. Combining the best of modern medicine with traditional natural therapies, she works in partnership with each patient to guide him or her toward their highest wellness goals.  In addition to general family practice, Dr. Powell’s expertise includes chronic disease management, neurological disorders (like headaches, vertigo, and chronic pain), depression and anxiety, and autoimmune conditions. She also enjoys working with athletes on performance enhancement and injury recovery and prevention.

Dr. Powell’s journey started at a young age with a deep interest in health and medicine.  After several years exploring a multitude of conventional medical specialties, she was delighted to discover that naturopathic medicine had been the missing piece to her puzzle all along. Looking at all aspects of a person’s health while integrating the emotional and physical body, she uses gentle therapies to not only address disease but work toward genuine wellness. Dr. Powell takes time to ensure each patient understands how they arrived at their present state of health and all the options available to get themselves to a better place.  Her aim is to empower patients to take control of their own health by reviewing all the conventional and alternative medical options and how everyday habits can add up to big changes in your health.


Dr. Powell earned her bachelor’s degree in Physiology with a minor in Exercise and Sport Science from the University of California, Santa Barbara.

She earned her medical degree from the National College of Natural Medicine (NCNM) in Portland, OR. Upon graduation, Dr. Powell was selected for NCNM’s highly competitive one-year residency position, where she trained under some of the leading experts in the field of naturopathic and integrative medicine.  During her internship she completed several specialty rotations, including six months in heart and lung conditions, 100 hours in coursework and apprenticeships in functional neurology, and advanced training in herbal medicine, fertility, weight loss, and sports medicine.