Homeopathic Cold and Flu Treatment

Homeopathic Cold and Flu Treatment

Dr. Faith Christensen

Homeopathic remedies have been used for hundreds of years to treat colds and flu’s. Homeopathic remedies have a history of shortening the duration (length of time being sick) and intensity (how sick someone gets) of illnesses since the Spanish Flu Epidemic (also a Type A influenza virus) in the early 1900’s.

Currently gelsemium, bryonia, nux vomica, and mucoccinum have been used with success in treating both the seasonal flu and H1N1. For most homeopathics, you want to match your symptoms to the specific symptoms of the remedy to get the best results. Mucococcinum and oscillococcinum are combinations of certain homeopathics and can be used as directed below. If you start on any acute homeopathic and do not see any improvements in 2 doses (1-2 hrs), change to the next likely homeopathic.

Remember to help your body heal by getting plenty of rest, lots of water or herbal tea, and no sugar or refined carbohydrates. Warming sock treatment, constitutional or contrast hydrotherapy can aid the body in eliminating the virus through temperature and blood flow alterations.

For homeopathic prevention or first symptoms:

Ferrum phosphoricum 12c or 30c: first sign of flu within the first few hours( fatigue, slight fever, scratchy throat no clear symptoms) 2 pellets 30 min away from food, dissolve under tongue every few hours until symptoms resolve or a more clear picture that matches the homeopathics below.

Oscillococcinum: For prevention of the flu or at first sign of getting sick. Take 2 pellets every 2 hours until symptoms resolve or develop into a specific picture that would be best treated by taking a specific homeopathic.

Influenzinum: for prevention 2 pellets 1x a week Aconite 30c: Sudden onset no clear symptoms (general fatigue, slight fever, scratchy throat) Take 2 pellets every 1-2 hrs if severe or 3-4 hrs if more mild. See below for aconite’s complete picture.

Mucococcinum: For prevention of the symptoms associated with cold and flu. Very effective in prevention if taken 1x a week. Take 2 pellets 1x a week for prevention and 3 pellets 3x a day for treatment.

Homeopathy Guide for Remedy Selection for Colds and Flu (adapted from Miranda Castro’s article Oh fluey) Suggested strength and dose: 30x or 30C every 1-2 hrs if severe and 3-4 hrs if less severe. Back off from taking if feeling better and
only repeat if same symptoms start to return. Switch to new remedy if completely new symptoms arise that match a different remedy.

Download PDF with table: Homeopathy Guide for Remedy Selection for Colds and Flu

After the Flu Recovery

China: feeling debilitated after the flu especially from loss of fluids through massive sweating or vomiting, feel chilled, pale with dark circles under eyes, touchy and irritable. Suggested strength: 6x, 6C or 12x 2-4x a day for up to a week.

Kali phosphoricum: general exhaustion and unusual depression after flu, oversensitive and nervous, hypersensitive to noise, touch etc. Suggested strength: 6C or 12x 1-2x a day until symptoms resolve 1 day to 1 week.

Gelsemium: continued dullness, apathetic, heavy and trembly, can maintain a mild temperature…can develop into chronic exhaustion if not treated. Suggested strength and dose: 12C or 30C 2x a day for three days. Influenzinum: indicated for those that have never been well since the flu or flu shot. Suggested strength: 30C 1x a day for 1-2 days.

Written By Faith Christensen, N.D., R.N.

Reprinted with permission of Springs Natural Medicine

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