Craniosacral Training in Colorado Springs 2013-New Dates

Join us in 2013 for Craniosacral Training in Colorado Springs, CO with Dr Faith Christensen and Dr Allison Nabours.

Craniosacral Therapy started in the osteopathic community in the early 1900’s as a way to feel restrictions in the cranial bones and fascia. By freeing the cranial bones and the fascia, the practitioner is able to assist the body in regaining normal function in the nervous, lymph, hormonal, myofascial, and gastrointestinal system. Craniosacral Therapy is a whole person therapy focusing on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. Craniosacral therapy is founded on the belief that the body knows exactly how to heal. The role of the physician is to help you heal yourself and facilitate the healing process. The primary goal in a Craniosacral session is to not only treat your condition, but maximize your health overall.

Craniosacral Therapy I explores the philosophy, history, and principles of Craniosacral therapy as well as providing practical hands on assessment and techniques to treat a wide variety of conditions.  No prior training or prerequisites required. Class is accredited through the National Massage and Bodywork Association (NCBTMB) for 24 continuing education hours for massage therapists.

Part I:
Increase physical palpation skills to rely on as a highly sensitive and intuitive health care tool
Locate the source of physical problems by assessing the myofascial system, chakra and energetic systems of the body.
Use the craniosacral rhythm as an assessment tool to locate dysfunction within the body.

Part II:
Release restrictions within the dural tube to address spine dysfunction and pain.
Utilize techniques that rebalance the autonomic nervous system to release accumulated life stress held within the tissues of the body.
Learn techniques to realign the bones of the head: frontal, parietal, temporal, and sphenoid to enhance blood flow and CSF flow.
Work with approaches to a number of common ailments such as TMJ dysfunction, head and neck pain, central nervous system disorders, joint pain, migraines, depression, low back pain, ADD and learning disorders.

To learn more check out these handouts:  What Is Craniosacral Therapy, History of Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral Therapy I
Part I: Physical Energetic Awareness  NEW DATES February 2-3, 2013 $200 ($100 deposit at time of registration)
Part II: Whole Body Craniosacral Techniques March 16-17, 2013  $200 ($100 deposit at time of registration)

Call us at 719-685-2500 or email at to register.  Click here to download flyer

Faith Christensen, ND is a Naturopathic doctor in private practice in Colorado Springs and Monroe, Ut. specializing in Women’s and Children’s Health.  Dr. Christensen earned a four year doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine from Bastyr University, a BA in Botany from the University of Washington and an Associate in Nursing from Excelsior College.
Dr Christensen has taught Craniosacral therapy since 1998 through Integrated Bodywork Institute, VIS Medicine, and as an adjunct faculty at Bastyr University.  She has published Surviving Cold and Flu Season Naturally and six manuals for various Craniosacral classes and has lectured across the country on health and bodywork.

Allison Nabours, ND, LM is a Naturopathic doctor and Licensed Midwife in private practice in Colorado Springs specializing in Women’s and Children’s Health. Dr Nabours earned a four year doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine and a certificate in Midwifery from Bastyr University, and BA in Ecology from Rice University in Houston, Texas. She has been a teaching assistant for many craniosacral classes and myofascial assessment.

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